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Features (See also for more info) Data written to the cartridge can be stored on the microSD card. The device supports web services and can perform web based tasks. There is a console based tool that allows the user to perform various tasks with the device. See also HyperSpin References External links Official website Category:Game consoles Category:Microconsoles Category:Handheld game consolesQ: Firefox displaying certificate as invalid? I have a text area and when a user changes it I grab the value from the field and add it to a database. However it happens to be when a user visits the site and then loads the text box, firefox doesn't display the box but instead the certificate for the site. For example; when I run my program that handles the value. try { InputStream is = this.getClass().getResourceAsStream("/cert/mycert.pem"); CertificateFactory cf = CertificateFactory.getInstance("X509"); // convert the certificate to a java keystore KeyStore keyStore = KeyStore.getInstance("Windows-MY"); keyStore.load(is, "123456"); Certificate ca = cf.generateCertificate(keyStore); X509Certificate cert = (X509Certificate) ca; // need to extract the certificate's public key X509CertificateHolder holder = cert.getSubjectX509Certificate(); PublicKey pubKey = holder.getPublicKey(); // use the public key to decode the password-protected private key from the certificate SecretKey key = new SecretKeySpec(pubKey.getEncoded(), "BC"); // decrypt the private key using the password byte[] data = key.getEncoded(); String name = (String) keyStore.getEntry("client", new KeyStore.PasswordProtection(new char[] { '123456' })).get




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